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Windows98 Windows98
          CD Player

Your computer as a CD Player

With Windows you can turn your computer into a powerful CD Player.
Computing is not just creating programs and doing business, you can have lots of fun.
Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>Entertainment, select CD Player, insert an audio CD and simply play it.
CD Player
From the tracks pull down menu you can select any track inside the CD.
The program is also equipped with a playlist, instead of having track numbers like track001, track002, you can name your tracks with the song title. This makes choosing tracks much easier.

View menu you can control the sound settings e.g Balance
Running CD player is like running a real CD player machine, you should be familiar with all the controls
(Play, Stop, Rwd)

CD player can also Random play songs from a Cd, just go to options menu and select
Random order. Intro play plays the beginning of each track in the CD.
Each time you select a command from menus a short explanation appears at the bottom of the CD Player window. The Help menu is also there to assist you.
Some computers are equipped with more than one
CD-ROM, this enables the Multidisc Play feature and you can play more than one disc: select the CD from The Artist pull down menu to play any CD you want.
View menu you can show/hide CD Player components e.g Toolbar, Disc/Track info.

Edit Playlist command from Disc menu is very useful, you can specify an Artist, Title. In Artist, type the artist's name. In Title, type the title of your CD, in Available Tracks, click the track you want to add to your Play List, and then click Add, do the same to add more tracks to the Play List. In the Play List, use Set Name to store a playlist for every CD so your computer can automatically display song titles instead of track numbers every time you insert a CD.

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