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How to automatically check mail when I turn on the computer ?
posted on Feb, 14 2000

A Folder called Startup located at C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp
allows you to launch application when Windows loads.
To auto-run Outlook Express or any other mail program place a shortcut to it inside Startup
folder and another shortcut to Dialup connection, make sure you've setup to automatically
dial and password is saved, inside OE options>Dial Up and tick Hang up when
finished sending, receiving, or downloading and check Dial this connection, if you
have more than one connection make sure you select one.

How to delete cookies from my computer ?
posted on Mar, 04 2000

Cookies are text files that websites store on your computer to track your surfing habits,
or even to store your password so you don't have to type it over and over.
If you're running Internet Explorer, you can remove cookies by deleting all files inside
C:\Windows\Cookies> folder. Although you are advised to restart your computer in MS-DOS
mode to clear the Cookies folder content.

Netscape browsers store cookies in a text file called cookies.txt.
If you're running several profiles, make sure you delete all cookies.txt files in every profile.
If you want to safely delete all cookies, download
ComClear (250K), a utility that clears history,
deletes cookies, and cached files.


Why I am getting disconnected every time I go online ?
posted on May, 12 2000

This problem can be caused by two things, either you have a poor
quality phone line which generates noise cutting down the connection
or you have Call Waiting enabled, if the latter is the case just open
the "Control Panel" then double-click "Telephony" icon, check "To disable
Call waiting..." and choose the code from the list to disable call waiting.
If you don't know which code to use contact your phone company.


Since I've installed IE5 Outlook Express doesn't print
posted on June, 13 2000

If you install IE5 while still running Outlook Express 4.x, you will not be able
to print your email messages. To fix the problem do one of the following:

  • Install Outlook Express 5, usually it comes bundled with IE5
  • Uninstall IE5 from your system, press Start-->Settings-->Control Panel
    and double-click "Add/Remove Programs", select the line that shows IE5
    and press Add/Remove...

Note: Many application automatically install IE5, so be careful before doing that.

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