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Windows98 Windows98
 What is Windows98 ?

Back in the old days, only scientists could communicate with the computer, the machine was so complicated for the normal user.
The computer got user-friendly with Windows. Windows is a special piece of software called operating system
(OS) that stands between
you and the computer.
With Windows, anyone can interact with the computer, the days of typing fuzzy commands to add numbers are over.
Today, you can do many things with your computer: compose text, draw pictures, listen to music...
Although Windows is not the only operating system - you have
MacOs, Unix, DOS, Linux - it's the most popular.
You can find Windows in almost every house, the reason behind
its popularity is that it's very easy to use. You don't need any special computer skills to get along with Windows, the only thing you need is understand some basic keywords.
In this tutorial we will get to know Windows, and learn: how to install or upgrade to Windows98, manage the operating system, deal with folders and utilities.
By the end, you will master most of Windows resources.

Note: This tutorial is targeted especially towards beginners, average user can
also profit from the advises

Windows was first introduced to the world as Windows 3.0
by Bill Gates - Founder and ex-CEO of Microsoft - Two years later
came Windows 3.1 with lots of new improvements.
The best of all was Windows95 a real operating system.
Today many computers are running Windows98, the OS that
combines Internet, multimedia in one single machine...

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