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Guide to MP3 Guide to MP3
         MP3 resources

The Internet is full of MP3 resources, you can learn more about MP3 and understand the technology behind MP3 compression.
Use search engines to locate good quality MP3 clips.

Popular MP3 Search Engines

  • Lycos MP3 Search Use this search engine to query a database of
    1/2 millions MP3 files.

  • 2Look4 One of the best MP3 search engines on the Internet,
    allows you to filter unreliable sites.

  • AudioFind allows you to search by artist, genre...

  • MP3Search An MP3 database updated every 3 hours.

  • MusicSeek Search very powerful search engine that lets you even search for music in other audio formats.

  • a very popular MP3 search engine...

  • 1001 Winamp Skins download fancy skins for Winamp, the most popular MP3 player.

  • Learn more about MP3 compression and get latest news

  • MP3 Place lots of info about software releases, hardware reviews and more...

  • Free MP3 Tools has a collection of great tools such as encoders, decoders and CD rippers plus many other.

  • MP3 Hardware provides you with reviews of Portable MP3 Players.

  • MP3 Webring lots of MP3 website to visit

  • has useful MP3 resources: Beginner's guide to MP3. Create MP3, MP3 hardware and software plus many MP3 downloads.

  • The Fraunhofer Institute Learn more about technical issues of MPEG 1 Layer 3.

  • Secure Digital Music Initiative Learn how the industry is fighting piracy and protecting the artist.

  • AskMP3 the official website of MP3, has all you need to know about MP3 technology and beyond.

  • Recording Industry Association of America official website of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Learn more about lawsuits and MP3 piracy.

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