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We've previously talked about CD Rippers, MP3 Players, Encoders and Portable players. Here's a list of the most useful MP3 tools available
on the Internet.

CD Rippers

A CD Ripper allows you to convert CD tracks to a format that can be manipulated by the computer such as WAV.

Windows users:
  • MusicMatch Jukebox 5
  • AudioGrabber
  • Cdex

  • Mac users:
  • Zlurp 0.02
  • Track Thief

  • Unix users:
  • Tosha (BSD)

  • Linux users:
  • CD Paranoia alpha
  • ripperX 1.1

  • MP3 Players

    MP3 Players allows you to play MP3 clips plus other audio formats.

    Windows users:
  • Music Match v5
  • WinAmp
  • Sonique 1.5

  • Mac users:
  • MacAMP
  • Vamp

  • Unix users:
  • Amp

  • Linux users:
  • FreeAmp

  • MP3 Encoders

    To convert WAV to MP3 you will need an MP3 encoder, there are
    tons available for download off the Internet, here's a list of the most popular encoders.

    Windows users:
  • MusicMatch Jukebox 5.0
  • Cdex 1.01
  • MP3Enc 3.0
  • MPEG Suite 1.3
  • XingMP3 encoder

  • Mac users:
  • Mp3 encoder
  • SoundJam.MP

  • Unix/Linux users:
  • 8hz-mp3

  • Portable MP3 Players

    Many electronics companies such as LG and Philips are selling Portable MP3 players which allow the user to play his MP3 CDs. Although they're still rather expensive here's a list of available MP3 Portable Players.

  • MiniDisc Netlink
  • MamboX P300
  • Yepp / YP-E32
  • Rio 500
  • Nomad II
  • MP3 Cyberman
  • Voquette NetRecorder
  • Personal Jukebox PJB-100

  • For the complete list of MP3 players, encoders, portable players and CD Rippers go to MP3 Lycos

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