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Backgrounds Download 1.3MB
Download 31 free BMP images and use them as Windows wallpaper. Copy all files to your Windows directory or simply open with Paint and select File>>Set As Wallpaper...

Fishin' Theme v1.2 Download 422K
Embellish your desktop with this free theme related to water fishing. Make sure you have Microsoft Plus! is installed.

Flower Wallpaper Download 87K
Download a free JPEG flower, set it as wallpaper and enjoy its beautiful colors. If you did not manage to load the image in the background, just convert the format to BMP. If you're running Active Desktop or Microsoft Plus, no need to convert.

WallpaperList Download 175K
This free utility allows you to preview .gif and .jpg as wallpaper.
Select the folder where images are stored and choose a folder to save wallpaper images. WallpaperList displays a preview image inside the browser, just right-click the image and Set as Wallpaper.



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