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Guide to MP3 Guide to MP3
Legal issues and Copyright

MP3 started a big revolution in the music industry and lead to many lawsuits. Many Record companies and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), consider MP3 as illegal and on many occasions filled lawsuits against MP3 sites like &
The RIAA even sued Diamond Multimedia when Rio 300 MP3 player
was first released, but the courts disagreed and permitted Diamond
and other companies to continue to sell their players.
Now the RIAA is developing an anti-piracy standard to combat copyright infringement.

MP3 is not Illegal

Many consider MP3 as illegal simply because Record companies are claiming loss of revenues due to MP3 expansion. In fact MP3 is not illegal, it cannot be viewed as legal nor illegal, MP3 is simply a compression format and like any technology it can be used for good and "evil". It is the job of the Music industry to find a way through
and use this technology to make music even more accessible, plus create standards to protect the artist, Intellectual Property and combat piracy.

Sharing mp3 clips all over the Internet is very exciting. If you're a music fan, please respect the copyright notice. Don't get too excited about MP3, always check to see if you're sharing legitimate clips.

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