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Do you have a personal, business website, any site ? It's time you submit your link to teckies online directory.
Shortly after submission, we will visit your site and review it, it's that simple.

What is teckies online directory
teckies online directory is not a search engine, it is simply a directory where you can submit you link for FREE.
What makes it so unique is that we will visit your site, spend some time there to see what you've created...
Your site will be ranked based on visitors' votes. The more votes you get the higher you'll rank in the directory.
Note that sites submitted to the directory will be grouped in categories: e.g animation, jokes, hobbies...

What I'm getting from this...
If you have already submitted your site to dozens of search engines and discovered that you are at position 1,000,000 or even not listed, chances are people will never visit your site.
By submitting to teckies online directory you will be sure that your site will be included. Your website will
be visited by humans and reviewed, if you're good you will receive a high rank in your category, if not expect
to receive an email where we tell you how you can improve your site...

OK, how can I enter teckies online directory
Submission is completely free of charge, just fill the form below with your web address, your name, email and
press submit. Expect a visit to your site in few days. You will receive an email notification when your site is included in the directory.

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